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VÍDEO: From hell to heaven (commentaries of Buddhism by Thubten Wangchen)

VÍDEO: From hell to heaven (commentaries of Buddhism by Thubten Wangchen)

Where heaven begins and where hell ends? We will never know it. Thanks to the Buddhist philosophy, we can evaluate these two concepts in a very different way of what we are used to.
“The wise man makes his own heaven while the foolish man creates his own hell here and hereafter” Buddha.

With these meditations they show us that the human life is a mixture of both, pain and happiness, and only with the two of them we will be able to realize the real nature of life.

The contemplative style of the video wants to capture the relationship about heaven and hell, representing the great and the awful. Based on the lived experience and looking for an approach with the Asian society, we want to create an experimental piece that shows the perception of the documentarist.

The footage, filmed using the documentary style, travels around some Asiatic countries where we observe the inequalities in a more clear way than in the West. We have made a three months travel around Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. The footage will be conducted by the commentaries of an erudite of the Buddhist philosophy, Thubten Wangchen, founder of the House of Tibet in Barcelona. He brings the wisdom and the most spiritual aspects of the documentary.

The main objective to create From Hell to Heaven is to express an inside feeling that result through the observation. Intent to show how we can pass from hell to heaven in the blink of an eye. Wants to talk about the contrast in which the society lives. Capture the union of the good and the bad things based on real examples.

FROM HELL TO HEAVEN from Gina Mills on Vimeo.

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Viernes, 10 Marzo, 2017
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