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Lhakar: white wednesday

Lhakar: white wednesday


FEBRUARY - Plaça Catalunya de Barcelona (19h to 20h).

MARCH -  Plaça Universitat de Barcelona (19h to 20h).

We will post here the new locations.

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Some years ago, in Tibet, a popular resistence movement against the growing chinese cultural colonization was born.

Every wednesday. the tibetan population started to boycott Made-in-China products and to perform actions of tibetan affirmation. In this way, they don't buy in chinese stores neither go to their restaurants, they dress traditional clothes (chuba), speak tibetan, listen to tibetan music and read tibetan literature, they don't eat meat for the whole day and they cook traditional tibetan dishes... This simple and harmless activism spread little by little through the whole of Tibet. Today it has crossed its frontiers. It is known as LHAKAR, tibetan word which is literally translated as "White Wednesday". Wednesday is the auspicious day of the Dalai Lama, and white is the color for purity.

To promote the LHAKAR movement in Catalonia, the Tibet House Foundation of Barcelona encourages all the friends and supporters of Tibet to perform actions of solidarity with the tibetan people on Wednesdays.

What can you do?:

  • Don't go to chinese restaurants
  • Don't buy products Made in China
  • Call or write to Chinese Embassies or Consulates demanding respect for Human Rights in Tibet.
  • Eat vegetarian to accumulate more merits.

Addresses of interest:

Chinese Consulate, Barcelona
carrer de Lleó XIII, 34
08022 - Telf.: 93 254 70 70                    

Chinese Embassy, Madrid
calle Arturo Soria, 113
28043  Madrid
Telf.: 91 519 31 92