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Social Action

Social Action

Tibet House Foundation has always relied on human values such as peace, fundamental human rights and equality for all beings, without exception. It is from this conviction that we approach our strategies and lines of action.

From its beginnings, first as an Association and later on as a Foundation, the Tibet House has paid special attention to Tibetans in exile. In India, following the wish of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, we take care of the refugee camps of Tezu and Miao and we help children, youngsters and elderly, monks and nuns through our sponsorship programs. From our seat in Barcelona we seek to offer data and information about the Tibetan issue to a large audience, public opinion, at a national and international level, by means of awareness campaigns, talks, courses, exhibitions, charity activities, etc.

Our goals could not be reached without the help and contribution from all the people who share our vision, each one according to his or her own possibilities but all vital to the continuity of our tasks, whose aim is to improve the living conditions of Tibetans in exile. It is known that we cannot help Tibetans living in Tibet due to the restriction imposed by the Chinese Government after the invasion of our land in 1959, yet the Tibetan is a resilient and untiring nation that is not easily overcome by adversity. That is why we trust that with the help and support of all who share our ideas we will eventually raise awareness about the situation of Tibet and we will make tibetans' voice heard.

Thank you for your confidence!