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FCT: (in English) "Tibet cannot be Hong Kong" by Thubten Wangchen

FCT: (in English) "Tibet cannot be Hong Kong" by Thubten Wangchen

The conflict between Hong Kong and the Chinese Government brings into focus a regime that does not allow opinions opposing their ideology.  A regime that is ready to use repressive methods should the opposition continue.

China is not sending their tanks to Hong Kong, as it happened 25 years ago in Tiananmen, because most probably the international community will not allow it. I say “probably” because right now tanks are stationed in Tibet and the international community turns a blind eye to the repression, aggression and torture endured by thousands of Tibetans inside Tibet, where there is no democracy to voice their claims, where their culture is being destroyed and their beliefs forbidden.

Tibetans inside Tibet, Uyghur in Xinjiang or Mongol in Southern Mongolia, none of them are free to protest and demand democracy for their people, as Hong Kong’ students are doing and getting awareness for their cause from western democracies.

Over 130 Tibetans have self-immolated since 2009, a desperate act to protest against the critical situation of the Tibetan people. International community remain silent. The economic interests of Asian’s giant have the power to silence nearly all political leaders around the world.

All attempts to obtain a dialogue between the Government of People’s Republic of China and the representatives of the Tibetan Government in Exile are cut off since 2010.

Sikyong Lobsang Sangay, prime minister of the Tibetan Government, started last June the international campaign “Umaylam” (Middle Way Approach), with the aim to inform and make the international community aware about the aspiration of the Tibetan people to get genuine autonomy in Tibet and, at the same time, request support to re-open the dialogue with China.

This weekend our top political representative arrives to Barcelona to meet the Tibetan community, Tibet support groups, members of Parliament and journalists.

Monday, October 20th, Sikyong Lobsang Sangay will attend a press conference breakfast in the morning at Col·legi de Periodistes of Barcelona. At 20h he will offer a conference at Tibet House Foundation.  This is a great opportunity to get first-hand information about the situation of Tibetan people inside Tibet and in exile.

Hope to count on your participation.

Thubten Wangchen

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Dijous, 16 Octubre, 2014
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